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Letโ€™s dive into Googleโ€™s recently Play Store policy shift.
There are huge gaps in health equity. Racial and ethnic health disparities appear deeply rooted in the US. What can we do?
We explore dividend recapitalizations, a risky move that requires taking on debt to pay out dividends.

February 2021

Whitney Wolfe Herd became the worldโ€™s youngest self-made woman billionaire last week with the Bumble IPO. Letโ€™s check in on the business of feminism.
We spoke to Tanvi Bikhchandani, the co-founder of Tamarind Chutney, about sustainable fashion and responsible value chains.
Debriefing what happened with GameStop and what it all means

January 2021

We have updates on a few stories weโ€™ve followed in the past.
Campaign finance gets a lot of attention; but lobbying is 10x+ the size.
We spoke to Heidi Lim, the Chief of Staff at Opus 12, about carbon removal, climate policy, and environmental justice.

December 2020

Letโ€™s review this past year and some of our favorite topics.
Our economy is set up for single-use materials and products. And most of our waste has nowhere to go. Read more about the future of waste from thisโ€ฆ